Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family Mealtime

 I felt such joy this evening as I took a mental snapshot into my memory of the scene around me.  We were all gathered at the dinner table.  Trevor was home in time for dinner.  Raelyn was having her usual difficulty and complaining about the meal, even one that she has enjoyed previously.  She asked me to tell her something funny about when I was little.  I told her I would tell her something after she took a bite.  With each little tidbit of childhood memories shared, she took a bite.  We all giggled and the girls kept begging for more stories or special things about them when they were a baby.

I looked around the table, realizing there wasn’t a more perfect place I wanted to be than right there with them.  Looking at these creations that Trevor and I have brought to life and have raised, gave me such joy.  It was amazing.  Story after story was told and Rae ended up eating half her meal without anymore difficulty.

During a pause in the conversation, I pointed out to the girls that this is the type of feeling and conversation Trevor and I have been wanting to share with them at each family meal.  That’s why family mealtimes are so special and can be so enjoyable.  I wanted to have them recognize this, that this is possible.  At least, it’s possible when the meal isn’t filled with complaints and tears about the food.

The next moment Rae said,”Oh!  If you would have just told me about this before, then I wouldn’t complain about dinner.”

We smiled and said,”We have, many times.”

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Lindsay Bryner said...

What a sweet story and experience. Sometimes its SOOO hard to be a mom!! But then you have times like that and it all feels worth it.