Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brynlee Moment

(Written on 8/12/12)
Today I’m thankful that I had the time to be with Brynlee and read her Faith in God booklet together today.  She’s been asking me when I could do this with her ever since she got the booklet right before we moved.  I called her upstairs to read it with her.
She was grumpy and pessimistic as we read through the goals and activities.  She complained or said something negative about each one.  She said negative things about herself and excuses why she’s unable to ever complete each task.
I stayed patient and held back the desire to argue about each statement she was making.  I pressed on and was patient and loving.  I was surprised at myself with this added measure of good Mom skills during a time that normally makes me lose my temper.
After awhile, I stopped and addressed the situation, telling her that I can see that she was upset and having a hard time.  I told her that she shouldn’t be so negative and say mean things about herself.  More tears fell.
I asked her if she wanted me to hold her and she nodded yes.  Then the sobs came.  She said she there’s nothing to like about her, that she doesn’t like herself.  I asked her what she didn’t like about herself.  Her reply was, “My freckles.”  More sobbing.
As I tried to hide my smile, I smoothed out her hair and stroked her head.  I started telling her about all of her talents and wonderful things she can do.  I described how Heavenly Father blesses us all with many good gifts and talents, but none of us have the exact same combination of gits/talents.
It was a special time that we shared together and I am so thankful that I didn’t miss out on this opportunity with a lost temper.  Her sisters even came over to console her.  Rae made her a card.  Ambree came with kisses.  Both were shooed away by Brynlee, but she knew they loved her.
Here are some of the talents we talked about today:
-When she was a baby (about 1 yr old), she made complete strangers happy by saying hi to them or blowing kisses.  She made several cashiers’ day by her sweet charm.
-She is a nature lover.  She loves exploring, discovering and watching the beautiful world and it’s creations.  She loves to take care of nature or collect pieces of it, whenever she can.
-She is an animal lover.  She isn’t afraid of animals (except bees).  She talks to animals like they are her babies.  All of her stuffed animal lovies are taken care of as if they are alive.  They are fed and tucked into bed every day.  It breaks her heart that she’s allergic to cats because she loves them so much.
-She has learned how to sew quickly, and loves to embroider.
-She’s a born talker and friend maker.
-She really great at finding, matching or creating a new beat to any music we listen to.
-She’s a great artist and storyteller.
-Her imagination is endless.  She is very creative.  She loves to play make believe.  She loves to make scavenger hunts, restaurants, sewing shops, houses, mermaid lairs, preschool for Ambree, and take her invisible horse for riding/jumping practice.
-She has a testimony and faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  She chose to start reading the Book of Mormon on her own each night before she goes to sleep.  She also says her prayers and is a good example for Raelyn to remember to say her prayers as well.

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