Friday, November 30, 2012

Ward Halloween Party

The girls wanted to be a fairy, ballerina and a cowgirl.  The YW/YM did carnival games, a cake walk and a photo booth for the primary kids.  It was great.

The primary was in charge of the dinner and dance for our ward party.  I don’t like being charge of stuff like this.  Let’s just say that I was THRILLED when it was over.  I’ve decided that I like going to parties, and even helping out and/or cleaning up.  But I do not like being in charge of it.  I am too much of a stress bug.  It didn’t help that none of my counselors were able to help out or be there (they wanted to, but had other obligations).  To top it off, Trevor’s back had gone out and he was in so much pain, he could barely walk.  So he couldn’t even help me with our kids, he stayed at home.  Thankfully, with lots of help from some of the Young Women and their leaders, we were able to get everything set up and decorated that morning.
Look how awesome this ward is!  They know how to party!  I haven’t been to such a fun dance since the single’s dances!  We did Thriller, and had an awesome DJ from the ward who played all the top hit songs. 
Almost everyone was dancing.  Ambree was my little buddy the entire time and we had so much fun that I got blisters on my feet!

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